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OneCare specializes in treating children and adolescents with various mental, behavioral & substance abuse disorders. Our in-home and in community services are available for families residing in North Carolina.


Behavioral Health Urgent Care (BHUC) is a treatment model that is intended to offer a diversion from the use of emergency departments or hospitals to address individuals experiencing behavioral health crises. This model offers an array of services that begins with initial triage and may include brief assessment, stabilization and intervention, nursing assessment and intervention, psychiatric intervention, case management, and disposition and discharge planning. Upon a triage determination or urgent or Emergent, a person will receive BHUC services to include an assessment or assessments, crisis and deescalation interventions, and discharge planning.
Triage: Prompt screening of acuity and consumer’s treatment needs to determine priority level for routine versus urgent/emergent intervention or the need for emergency medical attention. This would occur independently if there are multiple consumers presenting rapidly, or could be part of the Partners 10.21.2021 assessment process if there are no delays in commencing services. Completion of a Comprehensive Clinical Assessment is not required.
All individuals/members will be seen by a licensed professional. Rapid assessment of clinical presentation related to the crisis situation. Assessment elements may be acquired through a variety of assessments completed by qualified professionals, licensed professionals, nursing staff, and psychiatric prescribing professionals. The BHUC brief assessment will include the following elements (clinical components of assessment must be conducted by staff member with the appropriate clinical license:

Interventions include strategies and actions for the purposes of providing treatment and crisis de escalation. The following is a list of interventions that will occur during an episode of BHUC:

Our Services
OneCare offers comprehensive, person-centered care for the treatment of mental health, behavioral and substance use disorders.  

Patients and their families collectively embark on a journey towards change and wellness. We consider that this journey will be deep-rooted – with patients and their families being included of a greater or lesser magnitude depending on their identified needs and wants. Discover more about our services below.
Behavioral Health Services

We provide Behavioral Health Services that cover mental health services and substance use disorders to people who need it—when they need it. Mental health services cover people suffering from anxiety disorders, depression, and a variety of other mental illnesses. We work to jump-start the road to recovery by providing the tools and appropriate level of care needed to make tomorrow better than today.


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