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Enhanced Services

Enhanced Services

Enhanced Services

OneCare’s Enhanced Services are designed to improve the range of mental health, substance use disorder and developmental disabilities care for those with chronic and complicated disabilities as defined by the state of North Carolina.


Below you will find detailed descriptions of the person-centered support that we offer, eligibility criteria and the stories of people who are experiencing a better quality of life because of these programs.

Mental Health & Psychiatry

Mental Health & Psychiatry

There are millions of Americans are suffering from mental health disorder each year. Cure for depression, nervousness, bipolar and other mental health disorders. Mental health disorders are curable. Rehabilitation is possible, and help is always accessible.  
Your mental health cure will be customized to meet your unique requirement and desire. The services to be covered in your treatment plan may include:
Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric Services

Our therapist & nurse practitioners put effort collectively along with the counseling staff & patients to determine medications to help patients overcome their mental health symptoms. Our team then monitor the result of these medications over time and make required adjustments.

Co-Occurring Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Various people with a substance use disorder also suffer with mental illness. At OneCare, we identify that these disorders sometimes co-occur, and that both must be taken care of.

Substance Use Disorder

Substance use disorders, often known as addiction, are entangled. We know that. It is difficult to meet anyone whose life hasn’t been affected in some way by substance use. OneCare offer numerous outpatient treatment services for individuals and their families including counseling and medication assisted treatment (MAT).  
We trust in providing individuals fast access to medications to reduce such symptoms and thirst. OneCare providers prescribe these medications to persons listed in our counseling services.
We offer specialized services which are available for adolescents & adults. We strongly encourage family involvement in treatment & recognize the importance of ongoing support after treatment to sustain ongoing recovery.  
OneCare offers specialized expert services for treating:

Co-Occurring Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Treatment

We also offer detox and stabilization and residential rehabilitation for serious substance use disorders.

You Are Not Alone.

If you or loved one is abusing substances, you know how stressful and difficult it can be. Proceed with the first step and reach out for help. Our Patient Support Specialists are available to connect you to the relevant services to get you started on your destination to recovery.

Family & Adolescent

We know that an individual’s substance use or mental illness affects everyone in their life. That’s why we’ve built specialized mental health and substance use disorder treatment opportunities for patients and their loved ones. We’ll be there to support you and your family to help you achieving your goal.

We offer the following outpatient services for families and adolescents:

There are times when loving someone with a substance use disorder and/or mental illness can feel devastating. Significant others deal with setting healthy boundaries, how to communicate their own needs, and how to take care of themselves. Private therapy with the one who specializes in working with family members affected by substance abuse and/or a mental health disorder is available.

All family members who have their loved one involved in mental health or substance use disorder treatment are encouraged to join in family sessions. These sessions are designed to engage the family in their loved one’s recovery process, resolve family conflicts and achieve family reconciliation

Many-family groups for clientele and their loved ones promote support, sharing and understanding in restoring healthy relationships in recovery. Group sessions target on family relationships and communication, and the development of skills to support recovery.

OneCare believes that it is essential to engage families to support their loved ones’ recovery. OneCare has designated Parent and Family Support Coordinators to improve patient engagement through increased family involvement in our substance use services. Supervisors provide mobile and face-to-face sessions to patients and families who are inquiring about OneCare substance abuse services, and weekly Parent and Family Support meetings. These meetings focus on families and loved ones achieving a better understanding of substance use, recovery resources and treatment options.

This training provides opiate users and their families knowledge to prevent opioid overdoses. Individuals receive education about opiate overdose affects.

Our Family Recovery Centers provide psychiatry and mental health services for adolescents. These programs also offer adolescents who have both substance abuse and/or mental health disorders. Our family recovery center serves specialty services for adolescents with substance use diagnoses. In all these programs, family availability is strongly recommended.

Don’t Wait Until Things Get Worse

If you think your loved one or family needs help, the sooner you reach out, the better. Our Patient Support Specialists will have you connected to the appropriate services to help you and your loved ones.

Private Counseling

Confidential Therapy and Support.  

OneCare provides professional counseling services for adults. Our team of passionate therapists provides support and practical feedback to help you find resolution and improved functioning. With care and concern, we help you find solutions to a various of life challenges and transitions as well as psychological issues.

We offer private and confidential therapy for:

Who can benefit from private counseling at OneCare Therapy Consultants?

Is Private Counseling Right for You?

Contact us to discuss your requirements or to schedule an initial appointment. OneCare Therapy Consultants accepts most insurances. Please call the admissions department for more information or to set up an appointment.

OneCare knows women have exclusive requirements. These requirements arise from women’s multiple family roles, events of trauma and/or discrimination and health related problems. Our trained team offers the support women requirements and understand women’s journey in the same.

Mood changes and symptoms pre and post pregnancy are common, and often resolve on their own during the two weeks postpartum. However, many women experience perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) that can occur during pregnancy and in between the first year following birth. These mood disorders are often provoked by the major change in hormone levels. PMADs can also exist because of life stressors, relationships with others and environmental factors. With treatment, these disorders can often be successfully treated, allowing women to take care of themselves more effectively and their babies.

Infertility has an impact on an individual’s mental health. We know facing infertility can be frustrating, lonely, stressful, and scary. You are not alone. Let OneCare give you a hand in your journey!


OneCare provides private and group consultation and support, along with unique approach to associate loved ones and resources. If you are keen in learning more and speaking with a counselor, please Contact us to calendar an appointment. We are here for you!

Mobile Crisis Management

What set apart us from other mobile crisis teams or similar services? What are the benefits to utilizing OneCare’s program vs a surrogate?
What’s the mobile crisis team consist of? certifications / qualifications / Titles / credentials of our staff, etc.